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We know numbers.
We speak human.

Whether you’re seeking outside funding or just want a better perspective on your margins, we’re masters of managing complex accounting situations…and explaining them in terms you can understand.

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Let your internal team process the bookkeeping. We’ll handle the rest.

Aura is a team of specialists that builds your rock-solid financial foundation. Then we use accurate insights to inform strategic guidance and sound business advice. In a nutshell - we tell you how your business is actually performing.


With aura you can answer questions like:

What resources do we need to grow?

Where should we invest more capital?

Where and how can we cut costs?

What products have the best margins?

Should we give that employee a raise?

What products should we focus on?

Can we hire more people? If so, when?

Do we need to take on more funding?

The benefits of accrual vs cash-based accounting


You can still use cash-based accounting for your taxes but use accrual-accounting for reporting purposes so your information is more accurate.

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Understand how your business is actually performing

Many business owners and CEOs gauge their business performance on a gut feeling, which is aligned with cash-basis accounting. Cash-based accounting only considers transactions that have occurred in your bank account. The problem is how unreliable this can be as a performance indicator, whereas accrual accounting tells you what business activities are most (and least) profitable. Aura uses accrual accounting practices to unscramble your financials so you can stop relying on instinct and start relying on accurate data.

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Take your business to the next level

When you don’t have solid financial data, you’re flying blind. Take your business to the next level with a partner to help you understand where there’s opportunity, and where you’re vulnerable. Whether you’re looking to scale, secure funding, or prepare for acquisition, Aura ensures that your company’s financials are clean, professional, and prepared with the utmost care.

Talk to a human not a recording

Accountants by nature are introverts. We’re not. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and actually picking up the phone when you call. We also take the time to explain your financials in terms you can understand so there’s no guesswork or unnecessary back and forth. Ultimately, our business is built on long-term partnerships, where we earn your trust…and keep it.

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Save cash without sacrificing quality

For many businesses, high-level accounting isn’t a full time role, so why pay for it? Aura serves your high-level financial needs for a fraction of the cost of a full-time controller or CFO. Our expertise and collaborative approach allows us to be ultra-efficient, plus there’s flat-fee monthly billing and no long-term contracts.

Clients who trust us

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide array of services. Far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

  • I trust Aura implicitly

    “The Aura Team plugged right in as CFO + accountant and we haven't looked back. We now have visibility and clarity into the future and the information to make better day-to-day decisions. It's hard to find firms that truly use data insights to help make smarter business decisions. I trust Aura implicitly and would highly recommend them to companies that want a smart agile team to help grow"

    Curt Fleming
    Partner & CEO, Merit/Andrew
  • The best decision I've made

    “Hiring Aura has proved to be one of the best business decisions that I have made. My company is too small to afford a dedicated department and yet large enough to require regular accounting and finance expertise. It's absolutely essential that I have not only accurate accounting information but also a finance team that I can count on for solid business council”
    David Spinazzolo
    CEO, Metropolitan Solutions
  • A game-changer for our business

    “Working with Aura for the past 6 years has been an absolute game-changer for our business. They have been so attentive, patient and supportive in helping the financial side of our business and operations run as smoothly as possible. I completely underestimated the value of an accounting firm until working with Aura”
    Arteen Kharrat
    CEO, AMP’d Entertainment
  • Instrumental to our growth

    “The Aura team has been a huge help to our business. In addition to providing timely and accurate accounting services, Brandon and Derek's guidance have been instrumental in our growth. We greatly value their partnership and highly recommend Aura Accounting Services”
    Laura Brophy
    Designer, Laura Brophy Interiors
  • Now we can make data-driven decisions

    “Aura gave us the internal visibility we needed to make solid data driven decisions. As our relationship with Aura progresses, both BBI and Aura are constantly adapting to each other and producing true results. Aura has given us the tools to clearly read into our business and make true data driven decisions”
    Betim Berisha
    CEO, BBi Autosport
  • Diligent and attentive

    “Aura has provided tremendous value to our company by being diligent and attentive to everything accounting related. Their team is particularly a stand out as everyone is kind and responsive. We have built a great relationship as they are always willing to help with references and provide any additional support needed”
    Ben Choi
    President, Choice Builder Solutions
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