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Who We Are

AURA is a strategic accounting firm located in Southern California

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We help businesses realize their full potential

Whether you’re looking to scale, secure funding, or prepare for acquisition, AURA ensures that your company’s financials are clean, professional, and prepared with the utmost care.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as more than just accountants. We seek to become partners in our clients’ journeys, empowering them with insights and strategies that unlock new possibilities. Our dedication to precision and accuracy sets the industry standard, instilling trust in every financial decision.

Our Mission

AURA collaborates with clients to empower their business, offering financial experts who build a robust foundation enriched with strategic insights, tailored guidance, and innovative business advice.

Our Core Values and Culture


Meet the Team

AURA is a team of accomplished accountants with a broad spectrum of knowledge and decades of in-the-trenches experience.

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